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CBD Hemp Flower From Few TrueSeed

We are dedicated to diversifying cannabis in its many profiles and cannabinoid combinations. We maintain transparent and precise in our breeding practices to ensure that our seed meets the highest standard. 

Hemp Seeds Produced At Few True Seeds
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Advanced grower or first time CBD user our blog contains information for everyone. Growing tips and tricks, cannabis compounds, to the interaction of cannabinoids with the endocannabinoid system in the human body.  

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High Pines Cultivation 

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High Pines Cultivation produces a wide range of cannabis seed, cultivars, and products. Dedicated to breeding for emerging popular cannabinoids and profiles and highlighting their unique effects, our products reflect the quality that you can expect from the seed we offer. Additionally, we take great pride in our transparency and educating the public about biodynamic gardening culture and cannabis tradition and science. Stay up to date with our latest releases. 

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It is very important to us to be transparent in our business and your experience guides our  practices. Please take the time to leave comments and feedback whenever you can so that we may improve our practices and service.  

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